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Our Story

Steve & Carrie,

Luke, Gabriella, Mallory, Ascher


Welcome, we are the McMahon's and we are transplanted here in beautiful Montana from Minnesota.  We were all born and raised in Minnesota but headed for the mountains to slow down, continue homeschooling our children, raise animals, and enjoy the breathtaking views that Montana has to offer.  


Steve and I have four amazing children.  Luke is our oldest living in Wisconsin.  Gigi, Mallory, and Ascher are here enjoying life in the beautiful Missoula Valley with us.  

Steve served in the Navy and currently works in the financial industry.  He has a love for animals and has always longed for a hobby farm.  Being here in Montana we now get to share in the reality of this dream.  I am a stay at home mom, serve in ministry at our church, homeschool our children, and enjoy being a wife and mother.  I love my family and continue to enjoy every adventure and season of our lives.  I have loved seeing the joy animals bring to my family.  We continue to add to the numbers. Dogs of course have been a part of our family for years.  Gigi's  horses have brought out all of our inner cowboy and cowgirl.  We have chickens and ducks and a very strange bird called a guinea.  I'd love a cow and Mallory a pig.  A rhino was once spoke about-way to think big Ascher!  I do not think we will be adding any more furry friends at this time.. 

Steve not only leads our home and oversees the daily workings of our homestead, he is also the Youth Pastor in our church.  We have a very active family.  We serve together,  enjoy time with friends and family, Steve and the kids ski, Gigi is now working and spends a lot of time with her friends, Mallory loves Acro, and Ascher loves anything with a motor. We bike, garden, hike, and float the river to name a few.


Now for the dogs!  We have had labs in the past and Steve has always wanted to have a litter of puppies.  Something about puppy breath-haha!  We were never quite set up for it or should I say I was never ready.  Small kids and me usually pregnant, the thought of running after pups was not what I was looking to do.  Steve also traveled for work quite a bit in those days.  Now we are in a place with acreage for our dogs, the kids are old enough to help, no work travel for Steve, and no babies for me.  Sounds like a perfect time for puppies!!

We are a home based breeder.  Our dogs are our pets and part of our family.  We believe it is our responsibility to place our puppies in quality loving homes.


We are so excited for your family to bring home a new puppy.   I know you will love and appreciate the joy your dog brings to your family.  

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